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Rachna Parmar

Content Strategist, Editor, Writer

I write about Family, Women, Relationships, Personal Finance among other genres. I specialize in SEO based content, SMM, web content, blogs and articles along with content consulting. I am an editor.

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The Unusual Life and Times Without Wifi and Phone Calls - Rachna Says

Yes, mobile phones and wifi are almost second nature to us. Similar to the air we breathe and the water we drink, isn’t it? After all, what is the first thing we do when we wake up, turn to the mobile phone and check our emails or social media. Of course, we don’t need to do it. Heck, we’d be better off without doing it as most articles tell you...

Gratitude article

Gratitude for life's little surprises - Rachna Says

I had a beautiful lunch planned with friends. Was really looking forward to some fun times when a sudden work meeting cropped up...

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5 Irritating Things That Indian Passengers Do On Airplanes | Rachna ...

I think flights are among the times when my mind is most ripe with ideas. Just watching people and their interactions gives you so much fodder for giggles, exasperation, life's lessons, joys and of course gyan. Across multiple trips in India and abroad, I've noticed Indians in particular displaying certain behavioural quirks.

Women and ambition article

Women And Ambition: It's Time We Let The Twain Meet | Rachna ...

I have recently been reading ‘Lean In’ by Sheryl Sandberg at a really slow pace. Slowly because the book engrossed me it being such a stimulating read. A high-profile, successful American executive opens out her heart and shares her experiences and you realize that at the bottom of it all we are so similar. A woman in America and a woman in India. How our struggles are similar, our social environments and so are our thought processes...

My story 350x350 article

My Money View Story – How Shweta Simplified her Life and Finances - Money View Blog

Today we share the story of Shweta, an entrepreneur, who resides in the city of Bangalore. Just like many denizens of Bangalore, she loves the city’s weather and now considers the city home.

Grand canyon 1 article

Grand Canyon — A Marvel of Nature | Travel Plaza blog

Grand Canyon is an amazing spectacle of nature, a phenomenon that will blow your mind with its rugged beauty. Grand Canyon is Arizona’s most visited landmark. Stretching for 277miles from one end to another at its longest and touching 1 mile in depth, it showcases how the Colorado river and its tributaries have cut through hard rocks painstakingly over millions of years to form this natural phenomenon.

Sridevi1 article
Women's Web

Why The Indian Homemaker Needs To Take Control Of Her Life

Why do homemakers take themselves for granted? They should learn to value themselves as much as they value their family members.

Hair protein article

5 readily available protein rich foods for healthy hair – All About Hair

A secret to beautiful, lustrous, strong hair is what you include in your diet. Not surprised, I hope. It is a well-known fact that your hair is a reflection of your inner health. Thus when sick or stressed, you immediately see your crowning glory reflect the trauma. As important it is to have a good hair care regimen and application of good hair care products, equally important is to eat healthy, well-balanced meals so that your hair shines with health.

Summer hair article

Summer Hair Care for Oily Hair - All About Hair

It is March end and it is difficult to believe that it was cold just a few days back. The days are hotter and a precursor of the things to come. Well, summer has always wreaked havoc on hair especially oily hair. It starts looking dirty, sticky and feels itchy. Grease, pollution and sweat is a recipe for hair that looks ugly and does not feel healthy.

Vijay 350x350 article

My Money View Story: How Vijay Found out that Customer is King - Money View Blog

Vijay S G is one of Money View’s unabashed admirers and users. He has been tracking his finance through Money View for a year now. Based in Chennai, Vijay is a techie. He got married a few years back and lives with his parents and wife in Chennai.

Romantic bliss article
Women's Web

Really? Do These ‘Tips’ For Romantic Bliss Even Make Any Practical Sense?

So you have now found your true love. Are there any relationship tips you can give? 6 such ‘tips’ for romantic bliss busted here.

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, folks! So what are your tips for continued romantic bliss?

Facebook article

Sharing With Strangers: The Truth About Facebook 'Friends' | Rachna Parmar

I have been on Facebook for a number of years and like many others have gone through a whirlwind romance with the social networking site. Over time, it's been something of a love-hate relationship that has now been on the rocks for a while now. Facebook has clearly changed what we mean by friends.

N india map large570 article

Why Is Being An Indian Not Good Enough? | Rachna Parmar

When I was watching Chak De a long time ago, I couldn't help but nod my head in the segment where Shah Rukh Khan (it's one of the films in which he actually acted well!) talks about how we always seem to first belong to our states and then our country.


I Hooked Up With My Ex Boyfriend! Why That Was a Horrible Idea

I Hooked Up With My Ex Boyfriend! Why That Was a Ho...

Chicken biryani 1 article

Simple and Easy Chicken Biryani Recipe – Rachna cooks

Chicken biryani is one of the delicacies that one normally partakes in restaurants only. That is because it is time consuming to prepare and often difficult to get it right. I used to prepare a version of chicken biryani earlier